Remember my daddy if you say prayers

Although not generally one to put a prayer request list on my blog, I thought I'd ask today.

My parents are building a house. Sometimes they contract help, but quite much of the project is being done on their own, on their own time. Apparently Daddy was working alone today and got hurt. Through my mom's More ADD Than I Will Ever (hopefully) Be filters, I learned that a beam fell and perhaps hit him in the head AND broke his foot. Is that possible? Maybe it wasn't the same beam. Or maybe a single beam's trajectory was just right and took Just That Kind Of Swipe.

Either way, he's been hurt, and is at the hospital getting tests now. She's confident he's fine - just in a lot of pain (as if that, in and of itself, isn't enough.)

So if you happen to be one of my readers who also prays, you may remember my daddy. That would be very much cool... You don't want anybody to have pain, but especially your parents, right?

Thanks, ya'll!