Rediscovered perfect live version of Sting's Never Coming Home

Since last we talked, I've been hidden away at a friend's house, quite literally, "in the woods" not too far from Greensboro. Some time during the week, I discovered my copy of Sting - Inside - The Songs of Sacred Love, hanging out in one of my many bags. There's a lot I like about this DVD, most notably the fact that live music nearly always pleases me more than studio recordings. But this piece, "Never Coming Home," performed live at the Mayan Theatre, always, always makes me wish I were a musician.

Watch this. And be patient. It starts nicely, but the way the song emerges, the interplay of each artist and instrument - the way each is featured - Jason Rebello on the piano; it gets better the longer you listen. The longer you watch.

Yea. This is where I go when, in my imagination, I'm a serious musician, jamming with a group of other serious musicians...