Precariously Controlled Chaos - Pre Beach Trip

It's that time of morning when optimism outweighs resignation. That time of morning in which I'm confident that I can achieve superhuman feats. Do you have days like this? Today's more tricky than most because I'm trying to fit everything in between now and when my friend picks me up for our drive to the BEACH!!! Yes, last time I walked in my front door, there were still teeniny patches of snow under the edges of the bushes in front of my home. Never mind. Today we're leaving all this and headed to a house by the ocean. A house which has been gloriously loaned to us for a celebration of my 40th birthday. Yea. You perceptive readers will realize by now that I've gotten way more than my share out of this little Reason To Celebrate. Never mind that. We're doing the beach thing, too, thank you Mr. & Mrs. H.

But before that can happen, I must: (in no particular order, because that's how they will be accomplished,)

  • Fold the load of laundry that's drying now and start another,
  • Reply to some emails,
  • Vacuum,
  • Clean the bathroom,
  • Finish reviewing some way cool sample websites a new client would like me to take into consideration when we start to redesign her site,
  • Write her back a thoughtful, well-organized response,
  • Review something similar from a different client,
  • Write her an equally thoughtful, well-organized response,
  • Begin a new draft of a different client's site layout based on the 2 hours of discussions we had yesterday,
  • Share my progress with him,
  • Pack Way Too Many Things For One Single Tiny Weekend,
  • Shower and dress,
  • Run 4 errands, none of which could have bothered to put themselves anywhere near the others,
  • Make my bed,
  • Gather all the files for current clients and pack them with my laptop, external hard drive and flash drive and make sure I'm able to continue working while away, even though it will be a pared-down schedule,
  • Find some actual CD's for the car ride down,
  • Remember the bottle of wine and box of chocolate I've already opened but will share the rest of with my girlfriends,
  • Organize a bit of jewelry design supplies since although I'm no longer designing jewelry regularly, it's fun to have access to such supplies and I was asked if I would,

She's coming at 2:30. Did I mention that? WHY did 2:30 sound like a good idea? I'm sure I'll remember by then!

Happy Thursday, Ya'll!

PS: I'm pretty sure I'm leaving out a couple of important things. Almost positive...