Pre-surgery hours with my mom - Laughter really IS the best medicine.

Picture of my Mom: I stole this off FacebookMom: I stole this off FacebookSo, since I last rambled on about southern, fattening foods, I've enjoyed more yumminess in Atlanta, and then I made a little road trip to visit my parents in Greenville, SC again. It was always expected I'd do this, but the schedule got all wonky. And by "all wonky" I mean Mom found out she was going to have a stint put into her body (I don't really have elegant language to speak of this procedure; I haven't done what most of you would have done and read up on it. Sorry.) And then I got vertigo. Again.

But we worked it all out, and now I'm in Greenville.

You know how there are those people you think are great and then sometimes you have such fun together and other times you just kind of misfire and your moods and interests and schedules just don't line up and you long for the more fun times? Well, we've had both recently, but today? Totally fun. I have been laughing my patootie off with my mom. We've giggled and messed with each other, we've made tongue in cheek jokes and just thrown around all kinds of that banter it takes a lifetime to get good at together. It's just good.

Today we went for pedicures, which is something we've never done together before, then we went for a little shopping, then I made her try on the little nightgown she bought because it seemed the prettiest of the non-revealing I Can Wear This Even If My Friends Stop By The Hospital options, and dance around the kitchen in it. Then we had the "you have to shave before they get to you" talk and I won't even embarrass her by giving you a play-by-play of THAT bit of Watson Comedy.

All in all, my mom has been amazing today and I've enjoyed all the laughter. I think she's relieved this day is finally approaching and soon she'll just feel more like herself. I'm glad the vertigo didn't keep me from at least getting here today.

Yay family! Yay my mom!

As always in such times, my family appreciates any thoughts and prayers you want to send this way.