Pondering what she said about Lessons (on a Repeating Loop)

From a text message exchange last night, with Close Friend Since Childhood:

I swear the lessons stop when you learn them... only to be presented by a new one.

Texting is the most consistent way for us to stay connected, with our nearly-opposite life rhythms. She's a mom and in this fascinating twist of reality, has become the one who is often more balanced and wise of the two of us. Or so it often seems.

Her assertion came to mind again just now as I await the results of my 7th sequential attempt to attach a single 1MB file to a garden variety email. (Yes I rebooted. And again. I'm currently holding my breath as I see "Uploading files (984KB of 1MB)" which is the most success I've seen on this project so far. Although, um... how concerned should I be to now see "Uploading files (1.13MB of 1MB)"? I mean, I know math was never my strong suit, but seriously??? Yup. Now I'm gonna just see about sending it from a different email service entirely. That should do it, right? Right. That did it. Pardon my play-by-play. Moving on...)

So yea. My friend and her wise words. I'm thinking of them in a loop today on this particularly pronounced example that it's never wise to assume things will go as planned. In spite of often being known as one to look at life from the positive end, (evidenced by pretty-positive-himself Honeyman who one day said to me, "You can be Polly or you can be Anna. But today, you cannot be both!") sometimes it feels like even that natural wiring gets challenged more and more frequently. We learn, as we grow up, that this is part of life. Sometimes things will get to you whereas often they do not. Even when you know you have it so, so much better than so many others. We learn that counting our blessings is among the finer things we can do and that the lessons will keep coming, morphing one seemingly new experience into something that looks remarkably like an earlier one, until the point hits home. Apparently.

So I return to the words of the wiser ones and remember that... without challenges:

  • we don't grow,
  • our lives are flat and ordinary,
  • we don't recognize the highlights,
  • and there is no contrast.

Maybe we'll also finally learn the lesson about how the simple act of choosing to consistently get enough sleep can make all the difference in the world.