Pomplamoose performing "My Favorite Things" is one of MY favorite things!

Before I get started, here's a note to Dena Harris: Read this whole piece & watch the video please? Because I know it's not your thing, but I'm curious, see... curious as to whether you think they're fun, after all, or you still don't care. Thank you! (Plus, hey! Free link to show my thanks!)

Do you know Pomplamoose? Well, not know them, know them, but are you familiar with their music? No? You. Have. Got. To. Check. Out. This. Duo. No seriously. You must! And just because I've included the My Favorite Things video here doesn't mean that's the only style they perform. Oh no! How magnificent that musicians so talented not only write their own music but also cover such a range of performers as Beyonce and Michael Jackson The Chordettes and Simon and Garfunkle and Nat King Cole... I could go on. And they do it all with charm and humor and talent and extreme creativity and, oh, do I have to keep this up? Looking for ways to try to entice you to go check them out, when really I wish you would just stop reading already and go find out for yourself while these two are so special?

Since I first discovered Pomplamoose, any time I'm in need of a boost, I go watch one of their videos. It's impossible to be in a bad mood and watch Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte, the couple who make up this musical duo, perform. Okay. I won't give it away. Watch a few of their videos, read a bit from their bio, download their music... be in a happy mood with me!!!

PS: I shan't take credit for stumbling across Pomplamoose all by myself. Not that I couldn't have. But I didn't, so I'll tell you. My friend Nathan Daughtrey turned me on to them, which is no big surprise since a) Nathan is a musician, and b) he seems to discover all kinds of new musicians on a fairly regular basis. See. You should be friends with Nathan and you could discover interesting musicians, too. Or read his blog. Or read my blog, since maybe someday I'll tell you about somebody else great that Nathan turns me on to. But not today. Today's all about Pomplamoose. Go check 'em out, already!