Pomplamoose live on the very night of the day I launched my Creative Inspirations Series

Nataly Dawn front-and-center, Jack Conte on keyboards at right, and if I can find out the names of their bandmates for this 2014 tour, I'll update this post. More photos below!

It's a relief I didn't promise well-crafted narrative when I announced my new Creative Inspirations Blog Series. When I began putting together a post about the ways Pomplamoose inspires me creatively, my head almost exploded. Clearly I was trying to put way too much into a single piece, trying to figure out which bits to include and which to leave out. There's just so much to tell about these guys. So let's try it this way, instead, aye?

Things That Come to Mind When I Think of Pomplamoose

  • Lots of people turn me on to lots of bands, on a regular basis. What's atypical, though, is that I clearly recall, even all those years ago, how I discovered these guys and how immediately captivated I was when my friend Nathan first introduced me to them,
  • and by "these guys" I mean Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte who happen to have their own separate projects in addition to this collaborative project that launches something new every time I blink,
  • what fun it's been to watch their evolution as artists and video producers,
  • what delight I get in watching their videos - whether covers of a remarkably varied array of musical styles, or their own original music - (and how much I am at once driven just the tiniest bit to despair that I don't have these skills... then equally aware of how, seeing as how I've never bothered to develop this level of skill, that's all on me!)
  • Peoples!! You Have To Check Out This Band!!!!
  • what fun I had getting to see them live on Monday night with my darlin and two of our friends, (Oh wow. Dude. I actually got to see Pomplamoose live. Yay! Gushing this much isn't really my thing. Further evidence of how talented I believe these folks are,)
  • and how surprising it was to discover that I actually captured video footage of an entire song, "Come Out to Play" which I'm including below for fun,
  • and how excellent the timing was that I announced a new Creative Inspirations Blog Series on Monday without even considering that I would literally be watching a performance that very night So Close I Could - And Did - Put My Drink On The Stage When I Needed My Hands for Things Like Shooting Pics Or Vids Or Clapping And Stuff - by one of the most creative performing acts I know,
  • plus (it's so wrong I left this one until last) the "little" bonus tidbit that Jack happens to be a co-founder of Patreon and why is it, again, that my creative community, which is considerable, is not talking about Patreon more than we do? Here is where you can support Pomplamoose on Patreon.

Good thing I didn't promise well-crafted narrative, indeed!

Still, I do hope you'll check out these guys because some of you? Some of you are going to fall in love just like I have. (And the rest of you? Well, I guess we can't all appreciate all the same things, all of the time. Mostly I'm talking to those other guys. Sorry...)

Of course it made sense that Nathan Daughtrey would be the one to invite us to join them for the Pomplamoose concert. When he turned me onto this band, years ago, they had already done an eclectic array of video covers. The ones I saw that first day were of Earth, Wind & Fire's September, Beyoncé's Single Ladies, Michael Jackson's Beat It. And they also did My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music, which solidified my delight in their willingness to take on such a variety of styles. Back then, Nataly showed no facial expression whatsoever in the videos, which was kind of her schtick, I guess. I admit I've been pleased to watch that sliver fall by the wayside, humorous as I often found it. She's just got too much personality to feign indifference. As you can see in these pictures and in the video.

In more recent years, in addition to their own original music, their video covers have include mashups of Pharrell and Gotye. And that's far from the latest. I just have to stop listing things and get on with my day. Just go look for yourself, already!

Even more Pomplamoose from Cat's Cradle on September 29, 2014

Besides all that? Thank you, Nathan and Katie, for inviting us to join you on Monday night! How perfect to see them live for the first time with the friend who first turned me on to this incredible band. What a perfect way to have spent your birthday! And how thrilled we were to be there!

Now. To Tie this Back to My Series

So what do I take away from Pomplamoose, creatively, as a multi-interested creative-type, myself? What grabs me the strongest about these two is the tenacity. They seem so freaking fearless, will try anything, seem to really put themselves out there authentically, have fun with it, and keep trying new things. Hard Freaking Work? Sure. But it's clear that can pay off, if you're willing to go for it. And my goals are very different from theirs, so that's even more encouraging.

Thank you, Nataly and Jack, for putting your art into the world.