Phyllis Sharpe & I loved making this video; on courage, collaboration, friendship, art...

Phyllis Sharpe picked up five of her paintings from the Center for Creative Leadership, today. Nothing new for a fine artist whose work regularly appears in numerous galleries, but I'm suspecting it was a bigger deal than usual.

Fine artist, Phyllis Sharpe, at The Creative Center.

Fine artist, Phyllis Sharpe, at The Creative Center.

That's because the paintings at CCL were a part of an exhibit that has been moving around the area for over a year now. This was the final destination for a collection of fine art paintings entitled "How Do You Paint Courage?" and when we made the video montage a month ago, the end seemed a little sad to me... but kind of a long way off, too, and therefore easy to put aside in my mind. For a while.

I love Phyllis Sharpe. In that way you love your sister and your aunt. And her paintings just happen to make me really happy, too. Which is how we met in the first place. Back when I fell in love with one of her paintings and called it "mine" before it actually became mine. (Which isn't actually the point of this piece, but still it seemed like something I needed to tell you.)

Making this presentation with her was something that couldn't not happen. And today seems the right time to finally share it with you. If you enjoy it, will you consider sharing it with others, too? Now that the paintings are no longer inspiring people in hospitals and galleries and cultural arts centers, it seems at least important that some of them be accessible on the 'net.

Phyllis tells me that 4 of the remaining 5 paintings (the ones that haven't sold yet, that is,) are now moving to The Center City Church in Greensboro at 320 N. Eugene. "The Family Farm" which you can see in the video, will be on exhibit in her studio at The Creative Center.

I hope you enjoy watching our little video as much as we enjoyed making it.