Photoshop tutorial to kickstart my creativity this morning


WV Bridge after Photoshop tutorial

There's a fun tutorial over at Tutorial Blog, that teaches us how to do this cool effect with an ordinary photo, called Photoshop Tutorial: Getting that great X-PRO LOMO look. My favorite part about their description comes at the end: "And you’re done! Your image looks like it was shot on a little plastic toy camera with film that was processed wrong." And it does, too! Funny how that makes it better. To me, anyway.

So I had to try it out on one of my many WV photos of the bridge from childhood visits to my grandparents that I hear is going to be replaced by the end of this year.

It was time for a little break so I thought I'd show you my version of this morning's exercise. Then I'll get back to work for waiting clients. Cheers!


WV bridge photo before Photoshop tutorial