Photo of the Day: Wistful Beach Memories

Wouldn't it be cool if this were a brand new, fresh photo? Perhaps one I took last night, even? Alas, not so much. A year ago today, I was so excited about an upcoming beach trip with some of my girlfriends. That trip turned out to be non-stop fun.

Today, in the midst of juggling an array of super-compelling work projects, I still can't help but remember that trip. And the evening we left our cozy little spot to head out for dinner. This shot was snapped as we wandered down a walkway connecting several different restaurants. Four hungry women with a mantra akin to "Good food would be nice, but a short wait is a must!"


Okay, back to work, then? Happy Monday!

I think this was Litchfield Beach. But it's possible we were in Pawley's Island when I snapped this one. Sadly, I don't know the area well and my memory just ain't what it used to be. Maybe somebody will see this and confirm. Regardless...