Out of the mouth of... the heavily medicated

Last night my mom had a visitor to her hospital room. It had been a very, very bad day. Natural? Apparently. Apparently triple bypass surgery is some serious stuff. (Okay, duh.) But I've never seen pain like that up close and personal. So aside from occasionally ask if this feeling would go away, or to say she really and truly hoped not to throw up again, please God not again, mostly she wasn't talking so much.

So friend's sitting there trying to make comfortable small talk until she can leave The Room Of Pain. Then this:

Mom: "Melody's just been so good and so helpful. We just appreciate how great she's been, so, so much.
Friend: Smiles and nods awkwardly - we've never met before.
Me: "They're all in a bit of shock."
Mom: "We ARE in shock!"

I find it's good to set the standards really, really low. Then when you come through in a pinch, everybody ends up a little happier.


Meanwhile, for those following along, yesterday was unthinkably difficult. I'll spare you the details, but there was a lot of pain and wretching and more pain and more wretching. And today? Well, Mom is like a totally different person today. She still needs a bit of help here and there, naturally, but "Tough Cookie" is back, at least in the kinds of doses an early-post-surgical person can muster. Yay Mom...