On "The one who got away"

Say those words in the company of others - "The one who got away," - and there's a familiar, even predictable, facial expression that takes over. We all have a story. Or more than one...

Since this is the current theme at Pictory, I came across the collection when @smashingmag shared it on twitter. And just as it happens in those aforementioned conversations, I found myself looking through the included photos, immersing myself in the stories of strangers who shared a snippet of their lives, becoming wistful.

Check it out. Not just because this theme will invite you to explore nostalgia, perhaps revisit a lost love, but because Pictory is a marvelous idea. It speaks to my love of collaboration, of good photography, of storytelling:

Step one: Observe and document. Pictory is about true, personal stories, and documentation of our lives and cultures. Pictory members don’t have to be professional photographers or writers, but they do have to look, observe, photograph, and consider.

>>>Read more about Pictory here.   >>>Visit The One Who Got Away here.