On Event Turnout Expectation: Helps provide the calm and balance I'm always craving...

This is one of those days in which my professional worlds collide. Which is to say: Sometimes It Would Be A Whole Lot More Convenient If I Only Had One Career Path. But nope. I'm not wired that way. And so even as I work on varied projects for various web clients, and do some last minute online promo for our event this weekend, A Bit of Indulgence, the voice in the back of my mind screams, "Woman! When are you going to get out all your jewelry and make sure everything's polished, and that you add clasps to those unfinished cords, and finish those other pair of earrings you started making last week, and make sure your display materials are dust-free and organized???" And stuff.

Meanwhile I got an email from someone who wondered how many people she thought we might expect at this little hoo ha of ours. Apparently I was in one of my "tangent modes" and the fingers started flying. No crafting or drafting here. This is (except for one or two cleaned-up misspellings,) what I wrote back to her. And it's true, too. Maybe not the best way to approach a business venture like this, but on the other hand, it keeps me from wanting to turn to illegal substances or drown myself in alcohol if we don't get the kind of turnout we're hoping for and expecting. (Okay Mom and Dad I'm kidding. It's a joke. Really. Mostly.)

This may be THE hardest one to predict than any I've ever done before, attendance-wise. Because:
  • brand new event,
  • other things going on around town (read: more established ones,)
  • people are freaking out about the market and the idea of unnecessary spending,
  • etc.
I'm still optimistic, because:
  • it's an equally-publicized event by all (or nearly all?) participants,
  •  ...who are using blogs and internet, plus traditional (flyers,) methods to spread the word,
  • we all have cool peeps in our distro lists who at least want to support us individually...fans, if you will!
  • free wine and cheese,
  • great venue,
  • people aren't expected to come and stay all day/night - can come and go to the other things,

Yea, I got nuthin. But sure hope it's worth our while! And my best bit of advice: always, always expect to go to an event like this thinking of it (at least in that one part of the brain that wants to tally up the potential for financial success in advance,) as nothing more than a party...a place to meet and see cool people. Period. A social thing and nothing more. If we sell and make great contacts and meet new potential clients for future? It's a bonus. That's not, perhaps, the healthiest attitude for some, and perhaps not a good business practice. On the other hand, I've gone to well-established events and sold next to nothing which totally floored and stunned and shocked me and put me in a tailspin of a funk. I won't be blindsided by that again.

Now that I've bared my soul to my readers, you should know that I really and truly hope you come and see us. And if you've got some gift-giving in your near future, we'd feel honored if you chose our event as a place to help you get started on picking out some of those events. Plus? You totally deserve to treat yourself to something new. Seriously you do...