Olivia isn't her name but her fake name doesn't detract from the giggles

This week, I've been thinking a lot about "my ladies." For a long time, I did a regular beading gig that involved me hauling around a suitcase of beads so that 10 or 12 seniors could make necklaces and bracelets and earrings. Then my In And Out Of Town Whenever I Want schedule multiplied with my decreased interest in playing with beads on a regular basis and I stopped going. Sometimes I feel bad about that. Sometimes I'm really good at justifying my choices. Regardless of how I'm feeling about my decision not to go anymore, I still revisit my memories and have a ton of smiles on "my ladies." (And the couple of guys who often joined us, too.)

Yesterday I enjoyed looking back at some of my memories from those days. "Olivia" was a total hoot and so you can have a giggle on her, too. From the archives:

From a Conversation with a 76 Year Old Woman