Official reminder that I am a wuss. Hats off to all the parents I know.

Friday evening was balmy enough for the sandbox!The whole purpose of this blog post is to give a hat tip to all the parents reading my blog. You people blow my mind. That you can be "on" for the endless number of hours that you have to be alert and conscious and engaged... it's just something I can't get my brain around.

Today at about 7:45, having arrived at his house fifteen minutes before, this little person called, "Mommy!" from his room, and although she hadn't yet left, I went in, knelt down in the dark by his bed, reached out and tickled him a little and said "Good morning, Mister!" As my eyes adjusted to the dimness of his room, I saw his own grow wider, and his mouth spread into a huge grin, and he just giggled as his body did this gymnist-esque spring and he was suddenly in my arms. "Hey Mimi!!!" Just like that, the sleepy boy was awake and giggling and jabbering "up a storm," asking questions and throwing out ideas for things we could do.

And it was on. Until I finagled a nap out of him after lunchtime, there was not one second of quiet in that house (or back yard, since we did some time out there on the swings, too, all bundled up for the chill,) not one moment of stillness, not one moment when the whirring thoughts and ideas were not flying from this little person's mouth.

I love my nephew. L U V him. Can't describe what this kid does to my heart. And? It's not even dinner time yet, and all I want to do is throw myself onto the sofa with a movie and snack and not move for hours. There's so much work to be done, but I wouldn't dare charge a client for anything I could churn out right now, the way my brain is feeling. I don't know how you parents do it, but you do and you amaze me and I just had to tell you.

PS: Good luck to Rami's dad. His mom left this morning, on a work trip for a few days, and I can't begin to imagine what your week is going to be like. Mostly I'm just sending this out into the osmos. Even if you were a blog reader - and I know you're not - there's no way you'd find time to sit and read THIS, while my sister is away. Hang in there!