Official Announcement: I am also writing a non-fiction book called Finding Myself in Other People's Spaces

Draft 1 - Working Book Cover Design for a book I'm writing - Finding Myself in Other People's SpacesNow it's time to tell you about another one of the books I'm writing. This one is a nonfiction piece I'm calling Finding Myself in Other People's Spaces. If you who know me pretty well, that title will make perfect sense. For those of you who don't know me, or who know very little about my 1location independent lifestyle, then read on. I'll clue you in now!

Once upon a time, I put all my stuff in storage. Because I didn't think life was messy and complicated enough already. Since then, the stories keep getting more and more interesting. Largely those stories haven't appeared on this blog, although occasionally I do mention where I am or who I'm with if it seems important or extra interesting in context.

A core theme to this lifestyle choice is helping out friends and acquaintances with their house-sitting and pet-sitting needs. Such requests arrive far more frequently than you might imagine - and also often appear in a lovely sequential stream that might keep you wondering if I haven't published my schedule of availability. Between these gigs, I go visit friends and family who've moved away and miss me. And when I'm not doing that, I sublet apartments from friends who have to leave town for just a few months, (okay, fine, that was just once,) or rent the conveniently-empty basements or spare rooms from other friends who love having an extra person - me! - in the house.

After living like this for close to six years, I have collected a magnificent array of stories. (And not a few house keys!) I have also learned a lot of lessons - about myself, about life in general, about the other people I'm moving around on this earth with - that are worth sharing. Furthermore, because the number of spaces I've spent time has grown to rather a lot, some of my stories haven't taught me a damned thing, but have, instead, given me loads of laughs. Having relayed a few of these aloud, they've been declared universally entertaining, which challenges me to remember more and more of them.

Recently it hit me: I am sitting on a delightful book opportunity I'd be a fool to squander.

Click here to sign up for my 'Other People's Spaces' Email ListSo you heard it here first. Okay, about 9 of you heard it before now. But to the rest of you, you heard it here. This is where I say thank you. If you're one of the many friends or family members who has encouraged my writing over the years, even suggesting I get started on those books I always thought it would be cool to write, I appreciate your encouragement and support and kind words about my enjoyment of words. Here it is. A book. (One of three, in fact, but currently the one that's getting the bulk of my creative writing mojo.)

Plus some additional topics I may explore in this book:

  • The benefits of being able to embrace one's chameleon tendencies when living communally.
  • Tips and tricks I've learned, for others contemplating a "location independent" lifestyle, and who are choosing to primarily use a car rather than an airplane to facilitate most necessary navigational tasks.
  • Stories from earlier in my life related to eras when I've spent long stretches of time in other people's spaces or hosted still others in my own homes, before I began this stretch of nomadic living, and how those intermittent communal experiences informed the current direction (or lack thereof,) of my life.
  • Why it is that I've stated, for as long as I can remember, that I want to travel and yet thus-far my travels have kept me anchored to a single continent. And what it is, exactly, I plan to do about that. Which is to say that I just might include some heavy-ish stuff and write about fear and excuses and take a hard look at some serious textures in the fabric of my existence.
  • How liberating it feels to have been getting rid of so much of that stuff I've been storing all these years.
  • What Next? Will I put down roots and become an ordinary citizen with a zip code that isn't attached to a post office box? Will I finish eliminating all the unnecessary stuff from my life, put what's left in a backpack and finally go see the world? Nothing like starting to record a story before all the action has played out...

Then again, it's altogether possible that this bulleted list will be the last time you ever hear me mention these topics again. That's what's so interesting about the whole idea of "a work in progress."

If you think this sounds like fun, and you'd like to be kept in the loop, you can do two things.

  1. Subscribe to my blog, by using that little box over to the left of this page. I'll be writing periodic updates along the way. Or, if you're really not all that interested in most of the stuff I write about in this blog...
  2. Click here and add yourself to my new email list. This list will only be used for announcements related to this book. In fact, this list is really not going to be used for anything at all for quite some time. I won't be sending out notices every time I write about this book in my blog. However, when it comes time to start wrapping up my manuscript and I've either set up a dedicated blog just for this book, or when it comes time to tell you about finding an agent and getting published and where you can buy my book, then the people who sign up here will be kept in the loop. Really it's about long-term planning, here.

Meanwhile, as soon as the vertigo goes away altogether, and not just some of the time, I'm heading out for a few weeks away from Greensboro. Current anticipated destinations: Greenville SC to see the folks, Atlanta to see friends, and possibly the Nantahala River for a day or two, on my way back into town, if time permits. I'll tell you about that last one a little later on. Cheers!

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