Of shooting pool, nose piercings, bowling with small children & the simple pleasure of reading a complete novel...

What fun things have you done for yourself so far this year? What important things have you done? Where are you on the "let's turn over some fresh pages" front? Over here, I decided you can't declare your year's word will be "discovery" then just go back to the ordinary, humdrum of Life As It Was Before Your Declaration. It seemed like a good idea to hit the ground running. So...

Since we got the Big Do-Over that is 2011, life has been exceedingly good. And busy. In the first 9 days of 2011, I have:

  • Had meetings with multiple clients, and made good progress with each of them.
  • Connected with a new client I really quite like.
  • Shot several games of pool, many of which I won. (In my opponent's defense, he was off his game. Mine is not a very good game. Still, it was great, grand fun. Which was the point.)
  • Taken my nephew bowling. It was our first time together. Once they brought out the little ramp (which I had heretofore been unaware of, and which is a lovely invention when one's tiny arms aren't strong enough to roll a heavy ball very fast,) we had a blast.
  • Got my nose pierced. (There will be a complete blog post. There might be multiple blog posts. Turns out it's a subject that elicits a few opinions... and stories.)
  • Read an entire novel. Which felt worth mentioning since in spite of having once been a voracious reader, that hasn't been true in a long time. So starting the year with a book I enjoyed mattered a lot to me. Anita Shreve's Body Surfing quickly sucked me in. Was it her finest? Maybe not. The reviews weren't solid, either, and I understood people's objections. But I'm a great fan of just letting yourself go with the story. She hooked me. I was intrigued by the way she handled the language. Hard to explain and I'm now wondering if her books were always written in this manner, though I can't remember now. The distance between reader and action felt intentional.  I struggle to explain what that even means. But it was fascinating. Particularly for someone who also writes, and is generally reading with the eye of one who wants to learn the craft, too.
  • Lost a few more pounds. I don't know exactly how many, as the number fluctuates. But it's something I've been intermittently working on (again) for a while, and probably will blog about this too. It seems important to have begun before the new year. To have lost several pounds since Thanksgiving, after having lost more before that. "Baby steps" I think they're calling them...

This list makes me happy. Stopping to take the time to review tiny milestones or adventures... these hat tips feel as important as the acts themselves.

What about you? Has your year started out in the direction you wanted? I hope so. And if not? Doesn't matter. I mean, really? It's only the 9th... the road is just stretching out there in front of us, hanging on to our discoveries until we get there and make them our own. Cheers!