Observations on being 2 1/2

There's no real Mr. Pie story for me to tell you tonight, that will grab your attention or have you clutching your sides with glee. Those have been relegated to his mommy's blog, Batutah.com. Apparently I just want to show off some of the photos I took. Because... well, you see. I mean, look at this child! Why wouldn't I want to show him off?

I'll tell you this. It must be very, very difficult to be 2 1/2. The little man went from giggling to sobbing to howling with glee to fuming to clapping his hands to storming off, again and again during our evening together, his emotions just ran rampant. So many things to discover, so many annoyances (the word "no" comes to mind,) so many thrills.

Bath time was the best. And immediately after when he decided he'd have some cereal for a post dinner dinner and, oh, wouldn't it be cool if "Mimi" would just give me that towel over there while she tries to keep me from putting my face into the cereal bowl?!

Favorite phrase of mine he mimicked tonight: "We're not animals; let's eat with our spoons." It sounded pretty hysterical coming from the mouth of this little person.