New interpretation of "Independence Day" from client conversation

This is, more or less, a verbatim transcript of the phone conversation I just had with a repeat client. And by "repeat" client, I mean that I frankly can't remember if this is the 5th or 15th project I've done worked on with her. You might say I know this woman. What she wants. What she needs. (Not to mention, by the time we were finished with our very first collaboration, 5 years ago, or so, we were also good friends.)

Her: Hey sweetie! Did the artwork still not come through?
Me: No. It just came. I'm calling for a slightly different reason. Still related...
Her: Okay! What is it?
Me: Loaded question: How much do you trust me?
Her: With my life! I'm insulted that you had to ask!
Me: Good. Cause things are happening differently this time. It's like I'm channeling your new site's design. And so I'd prefer if you gave me a green light not to show you anything. ANYTHING. It'll just be faster this way. I'll design and once it's ready, I'll show you... then we can make changes as you like.
Her: I had a few suggestions, but...
Me: Oh, go ahead and tell me; I want to hear them!
Her: No. I like this way better. I'm quite excited!

This is pretty much every designer's dream project. I mean, really.

If it weren't already Independence Day, I'd declare it so, now!

PS: Heh. Good thing she said yes. I've already gone way, way past "mockup."