Naughty or nice and some early self-awareness

Cocktail napkins - Naughty / NiceMy nephew was playing with a left-over novelty cocktail napkin. On one side is written "Naughty." On the other is "Nice." He kept turning it over, back and forth, saying, "Which one is naughty?" "Which one is nice."

This child, who will be 4 in about a month, is well-acquainted with words like "naughty" and "nice."

After he'd tried to pick out the correct word several times in a row, I asked him, "So which one are you? Are you naughty...? Or are you nice?"

"NoNo!" His face grew serious. His eyes widened. He needed me to be very clear. "At home, I'm naughty. And at school, I'm nice."

Plain and simple.

Sis laughed along with me, then said, "I don't know if this should concern me, or make me feel relieved."

My sentiments exactly...