Narcissistic blog stats entertainment to readjust a design lull

garden variety blogging narcissismIt's one of those perplexing days in which the pleasure has worn off, from last night's conversation with the client who squealed when she saw a design sample, and I'm spinning my mental wheels trying to decide where to go next for the client who admitted that nice as her samples are, and unphased as she is by the realization, I have yet to crack the code on her design, (she knows we'll get it; it just hasn't happened yet.) I thought I'd better just come up for air, put the design quandaries to bed for a few minutes, and blog about it. Only really I don't have that much to say. Sometimes it's smooth as buttah and sometimes it's not! Ta da... There's my blog post! R i g h t... That's lame, even for a Friday!

So I logged in anyway, still formulate a blogging plan, only to discover that the Google Luv has been super-abundant in my direction, today. For several days in a row, in fact, the numbers in my stats, reflecting the number of recent visitors to my website are up. Thank you! I love that you're visiting! So I thought I'd try to figure it out. I mean, generally speaking, if I have more traffic before dinner than I often have in an entire day, there are some hints to show me why! This week? Nada. My traffic's increase seems independent of any one or two factors. Which I don't mind at all, because indicators like that mean it's not just a single, temporary spike.

Then I started looking through the search results because it amuses me to do so, and I'd promised myself a little break from serious thinking. Wanna' peek? Check out some of the phrases people have used to find my site, during the past 24 hours. Some of these are way different from anything I've ever seen before, and kind of surprised me. Searched without the quotation marks were these phrases:

  • "narcissist blog" - via Google, out of 1,390,000 results, my site is number 18. I find that delightfully funny for reasons I can't begin to articulate today. (Although read this whole post and you won't have any questions at all, why I'm showing up in the top 20!)
  • "life is photography metaphor" - via Australian Google, my site showed up 4 out of 697,000 results. I'm not sure what they were actually hoping to find, but I'm kinda' sure my blog post wasn't what they were really after. Sorry. Glad you visited, anyway!
  • "thought and its story" also means nothing to me, really, but the person who searched India's Google found me 13th out of 142,000,000. Dude! Welcome!
  • "I have observed that" - searched via UK Google brings up my site as number one out of 159,000,000 results. This blows my mind a little more than you can imagine. And it also makes me really happy because I rather enjoyed designing the little graphic featured in that post.
  • "It's not you Poem" generates 24,100,000, of which my site is number two. Wow. I should write poetry a little more often. Ahem, non-poetry. Then blog about it. (Although it is not lost on me that again, this is not what my visitor was seeking. Anybody got a poem about how "It's not you?" Quick; send it to me, and we'll help 'em out!
  • "mandala blogs" for the Google user in Greece showed them my blog as the 22nd result of 883,000 results,

There were a few familiar searches I was happy to see remaining as heavy contenders, too:

  • "insanity wing" 2 of 1,270,000 which was cool since I never mean to try that little stunt again. Ever. And I hadn't realized my adventure was still bringing me traffic.
  • "turning 39" my little "aging" blog rant comes up 1 of 51,500,000 which continues to please me to no end. And continues to generate comments on a fairly regular basis; apparently I wasn't the only one who didn't love turning 39.
  • "men in trees quotes" 7 out of 1,180,000. I did like that show! Pity they canceled it...

Fortunately for me, my site also continues to do well when people look for things related to Squarespace templates and learning to use my favorite website hosting platform.

Okay. Narcissist Post over. Let's go see if this helped push me out of my little design rut! Happy Friday, y'all!