My version of stopping to smell the roses

Pink blossoms in early April

A few weeks ago on one of those super hot days that made some of us nervous that Spring had forgotten all about us - in spite of the lusciousness that surrounded us - not to mention the pollen, I helped a friend out by driving him to a doctor's appointment. Which led me to the unfamiliar sensation of A Honkin Bundle Of Down Time In The Middle Of The Afternoon On A Week Day.

I walked around. I sat and checked email on my iPhone. I got some water. I went out to my car and took a couple of phone calls. I rolled up my window. I rolled it back down. I berated myself for having left the notebook I normally carry in my bag, which kept me from doing any quality journaling. I looked up.

Then I looked up again, as if for the first time all day.

Finally, I remembered to breathe and just take it all in. Look at this glorious burst of pink blossom-age! I did. And then I got out of my car, opened my trunk where I'd put my camera bag, and I started snapping photos. I see things a little differently when there's a lens involved.

This is one of the shots I captured that day.

It still makes me happy.