My Squarespace playground is expanding

Do you also find that challenges come to you in waves? In topical clusters? This very week, I've been challenged in new and interesting ways. Three different clients have provided me with samples of things they'd like to see in their new websites...which I haven't attempted before. Not using Squarespace, that is. Not necessarily super-complicated elements, but new, nonetheless.

Don't you love a good challenge?

I'm not being facetious. There's a certain adrenaline rush that appears when I'm thrust outside the familiar space in which I work. And I love every second of it. Because I've seen what other people are doing with the Squarespace platform, and knowing that it's been done before assures me that I can do it too. Plus it's so easy to get into a rut. I love being asked to do something different.

Now if I had the ability to split myself into 3 people just for a day's work, imagine the fun I could have! As it is, I've put the coding questions aside - confident in my abilities (perhaps even more so in that of this software,) and am about to return to the fun graphic drafting that kept me up so late last night, giddy with the ideas that were swirling around me. It's going to be such fun to see which ones make it to the final cut, which will then be incorporated into a new Squarespace-powered website. But first a client has an urgent need. I'll handle that, then return to these graphics for a few hours.

After that? Converging in the South with my fellow bloggers. Dinner tonight with a smallish group of people I don't yet know and the conference proper tomorrow, followed by the fringe-esque, last-minute event that was put together when BlogHer Greensboro was canceled, on Saturday.

Not likely to get bored anytime this week!