My own kind of "time out" - this person is paying attention

Some days I'm alarmed at how long it's been since I've had quality time with my nephew. Which is always when it hits me how seriously I have to pay attention to my  urge and stop everything, even work, no matter how "important," and go see him. The to-do list gets longer and longer but apparently that's not going to change. And this is "real life" in a way that my work is not.

So this is what I did yesterday. And in spite of the fact that I was crampy, cranky, and generally probably not the best company for a 2 and a half year old, he's exactly what I needed to settle my soul. Never mind he doesn't notice my moods, just my actions.

The consistent theme in my thoughts after seeing Mr. Pie these days is how much he's growing and changing, in subtle ways that aren't that subtle at all. And how much he's taking it all in. He mimics everything.

Two examples:

  1. After having forced myself into a "mind over matter" state and ignored the extreme discomfort in my abdomen, picking up this child for wild dancing around the living room, and later on my knees to crawl around with him on my back, I had to take a break. "Baby, let's lie down for just a minute." I wanted to curl into the fetal position; he wanted to bounce on my body and giggle with glee. I took his hand and put it on my tummy. "It hurts. Be gentle." His response? "Mimi go to doctor???" And why not? That's what we do for him!
  2. Later on the way back to drop me at my car where we'd left it when we'd met up earlier, sis turned on some fun, Arabic music that's always fun to dance to. Another "mind over matter" moment, and I apparently pursed my lips as I kept the beat with a tongue-clicking noise I suddenly realized I was making. He noticed it immediately: this second photo was taken as he mimicked my facial expressions. I saw him sing, this little kissy-face lips, and a couple of other "faces" I'll have to make sure I don't make again.

I'm not saying I need one of these little people in my house right now, but don't even think I gave one second of thought to my to-do list for the hours he and I hung out yesterday. I need to start actually putting him on my calendar again. In ink. I think it makes everything a little bit better...