My new studio: Part 2 - The starter groove, one week later

Still getting my new studio set up and cozy...Ever notice how much can change in a week? Since my last blog post - the one of dubious excitement levels given my expectations of delight - I have participated in the following, in no particular order:

  • Created a terrific number of web pages for pleased clients,
  • Trained more of them to do things they're proud to do on their own,
  • Learned that uploading 433 photos to DropBox so the client you shot them for can choose will take far longer than just moving those images to a different folder on your computer,
  • Agreed to do two more smallish websites in the coming weeks,
  • Gone with sis and her son to meet my parents in Asheville for the little guy's first visit to Biltmore. When sis referred to it as a castle to help him with expectations and scale, I think he was expecting purple and princesses and horse-drawn carriages. But he was still a good sport, what with the birthday presents and hugs and kisses Gamma and Papa brought him,
  • Engaged in all sorts of agreeable social meetups,
  • Heard Amelia's Mechanics play - something you should do yourself as soon as you possibly can,
  • Been given The Exact Red Fabric I was imagining for covering a throw pillow and the window on the door (only for the occasional times I might want to cover it,)
  • AND. Met with several different clients... in my studio!!!

Today I've pulled more tape from the floors, moved the drop-leaf table to the other side of the room, worked at the table AND in the honkin chair not seen in this photo, my feet deliciously clad in striped socks but no shoes, and done a number of hours of work. And tonight, I'm meeting other "resident" neighbors at a meeting the announcement of which included the word "mandatory." This commitment thing takes some getting used to, but with all the creative energy buzzing around me, I can't help but feel a happy little starter groove cranking up, every time I work here.

Not bad for one little ole' week, eh? Wonder how much I can do with another one!?