My nephew, the clean police...

With all the meandering and lollygagging and foot-dragging going on around here this morning, you wouldn't know my friends are returning soon. My friends whose house and pets I've been taking care of these past 10 days or so. See, I have a few tidying projects I'd like to get done before they arrive home.

And the reason I know I need to do a little tidying? I know this because on Friday evening when my sister and The Little Guy were here, he walked into my bathroom and said, "Gosh, it's messy in here!" Thanks, pal. I take back my promise to take you to the cool concert when you're big enough and can't bear to be seen in public with your parents. 'Cause of course you think they're cool now: but one day, not so much. Trust me on this one.

So you left and I evaluated the mess. What happened this week, see, is that I had daily meetings and workshops and other appointments to get to, with other work in between, along with atypical plant-watering and dog walking, and all that stuff most people like your mom effortlessly juggle on a regular basis, but I am apparently too wimpy to manage all at once. (Well, she doesn't juggle the dog walking, but you're as tricky to keep up with as they are, trust me on this one, too.) So that leaf which was tracked into the bathroom then later stepped on, created a patch of unidentifiable looking mess that you had a hard time getting your brain around. Plus your auntie NEEDS to have all those bottles and jars and bags spread out across the vanity. And you know I have long hair, but do you know, little man, that if your daddy didn't make sure yours gets cut on a regular basis so it doesn't look like it did back here (& here, & here, & here, & here, & here,) when people used to come up to him and tell him how adorable his little girl was...yea, your hair would detatch itself from your head and follow you around in a little untidy mess, just like mine does me.

But it's true: I should have taken care of that floor before you came over. And not just because you were coming over, but because of self-respect and pride, and other stuff like that, which we're teaching you to possess as you grow into a fine young man.

Which you clearly are doing, too. Because your mom? She tells me that when she was putting you to bed that night, you said to her, "Why didn't we tell Mimi what a great time we had tonight?" I had a great time, too, little darlin'. And I've been kinda' wishing I could see you today, too, but there's all this cleaning to do, as well as some designing and writing. But I hope your day is as fine as can be.

PS: Your Grandma is super-excited she's coming to see you this week. So you know...