My extreme downsizing hobby during the season of fierce acquisition

They tell me that yesterday was Black Friday. Of course I know it was; everybody knows that in the US, the day after Thanksgiving begins the retail season's push to get us to buy, buy, buy! But I am not participating this year. Not like in years past, anyway.

Instead? I'm about to head over to my storage unit and pack up some more things to rid myself of. The gorgeous dresses I wore in Michelle and Betsy's wedding? I ask you: what is it I thought I was going to ever do with those dresses? So today, they're going. Along with many, many more clothes which will actually serve someone's needs instead of collecting dust for me. Same with the contents of a file cabinet I can't remember the last time I opened. Sure, I need some files. But darlins, I come from a long line of pack rats. It has to stop somewhere.

We'll see how much time remains, after these two tasks are accomplished.

My glorious parents left town with a truck load of clay supplies yesterday. I'd say easily 300 pounds of clay and a potters wheel, untold quantities of tools... not to mention beads and findings and display and storage supplies for jewelry making. "Gramma" is getting a new hobby and I am making some great headway in my Big Stuff Reduction Project of '09. It actually makes me a little giddy when I consider all the space I'm going to have in the storage unit where the greater percentage of my belongings have been hanging out for the last few years. Then I can move the essentials to a smaller unit. Finally I'm setting a timeline for when I plan to make that happen.

So while my nomad/vagabond/ramblin days are certainly not over - I'm not putting down roots just yet - as this year comes to an end, I'm happy to know that I'll be entering the new one far, far lighter than before.

Who knows? I may make it through the end of the year without acquiring a single new thing. And along the way, I'm hoping my much-loved things will help make other people's worlds a little happier, too!

Now? It's Saturday and after noon. I think I'll head out now. Turns out you can make quite a dent in a couple of hours. I'm planning to make some serious dents today! Wish me luck.

Meanwhile, I'll wish you luck in righting the growing retail crowds.