My Dad's gonna' like this one

While in Manteo this weekend, friend and I drove to Duck a couple of times. While in the same county, unfortunately Duck is not located conveniently next door like, say, Nags Head. We had "quite a ways to go," as people are fond of saying. As we'd driven so much already, by the second evening's drive to Duck, I was a little bit over all the driving. Even though this is actually one of the prettiest stretches of road I've been on in a long time. (Especially when the 11pm-era sky is intermittently lit up by lightening, as it was the night before. But that's not what this post is about.) So we were driving along, minding the curves in the road, watching the speed limit, enjoying the views, singing some tunes, and all of a sudden I looked over to my left, and this is what I saw. Quite literally, I braked and pulled into the overflowing parking lot of *the suddenly-looming restaurant ahead. I found a spot behind some vehicles that weren't going anywhere for a while, out of the way of others trying to find parking, grabbed my camera while my friend, the passenger, waited, and ran to the water's edge to shoot a series of photos while the sun slid lower on that horizon before our eyes.

We were a couple of minutes late to our own dinner evening, but once our hosts had seen the shots on my camera, we were forgiven.

I've seen a lot of gorgeous sunsets in Greensboro, but there's something about that reflection on the water that really kicks it up a notch, y'know?

*I think this is the website of the restaurant that provided me the amazing view of this sunset. I think it's Fishbones Sunset Grille & Raw Bar, which is apparently a phenomenally popular dining destination for visitors and residents alike. I'm not certain I've ever seen a parking lot that crowded at dinnertime. This link will send you to a splash page that gives you further links to 3 companion business websites, and I'm not sure which one is really the right one. Also, this page plays music. I had to tell you all this before just giving you this link. If their food is even remotely as great as their location, it'd probably be worth your time to check it out if you're in the area. Although admittedly, we did not.