Musicovery: as if I'd asked for it but never knew!

Have you seen this site? Because I had not, until tonight. Clicked my little Stumble button because apparently I needed to sit here 5 more minutes and get just a little bit sleepier than I already am. Now I'm listening to Shuggie Otis, "Purple." Which I've never heard before, but I very much like.

So here's how it works. (Best I can tell so far, that is.) Visit, click on a musical genre from the list provided, (for grins and giggles, I just chose Blues,) then click on an area in a panel that most closely aligns with your mood: Dark, Energetic, Positive or Calm. I chose calm. Ta da! A bunch of selections pop up and you choose what you want to hear...just like that!

I'm not spending time perusing in great detail, and this will not be a thoughtful review, telling you all about the site, how it works, whether their selections seem diverse and comprehensive. Are you kidding me? I'm headed to bed! Plus I only discovered it 3 and a half minutes ago. But you can go there and do the same. See what you think. What I will tell you is that this is, so far, a very, very cool way to discover new music.

Check it out! I've just selected "world" and "positive," and am now listening to Susheela Raman's "Love Trap." Know her? No? Neither did I!

And? I just discovered that there's another whole separate slider that allows me to choose the decade from which the music hails.