Morning "are you okay?" calls - I'm a little clueless. But grateful too...

It's 9:18am, and I've already had two phone calls that started with "I'm just calling to make sure you're okay," and "Are you okay?"

The first one was my brother, and my typical sibling response was probably a smidge snarky: "Why? Because I haven't been on Facebook enough lately?" No. Because of the storms that damaged homes nearby. Duh. In fact, according to the Greensboro News & Record, actual homes were destroyed in High Point. Eek!

The next one was funnier; a local client started with, "Are you okay?" then followed up with a laughing, "Oh, you're fine! You live in a basement!" Because she knows that for this leg of my nomadic, Between House Sitting Gigs journey, that's exactly what I do! (However it's the coolest basement ever and sometimes I come home, look around and think, "I could do this long-term; what a great, cozy setup!" There's nothing very basement-esque about my cushy digs.)

Yes. I'm okay; and I'm also reminded of how fortunate I am to be safe, and to have people who not only care about me but also check in on me.

I thought about this a lot, late last night, as I drove home through part of that storm. I'd been taking care of my friends' little girls while they went to the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Afterward, I had a 45 minute drive which put me in the car for 45 minutes of pretty intense rain. As I drove, it occurred to me that I hadn't promised to call my friends and tell them I'd arrived. And my friends who live in the part of the house that isn't the basement were long in bed; it was 12:30 by the time I arrived home!

But I did make it home safely, in spite of my silliness on the road, and I'm grateful. I like to start Mondays, especially, with Gratitude Reminders. Today's calls provided an especially good one to start my list. My friend Dena, I noticed, has done something similar on her blog. Anybody else wanna' play? What's something you're grateful for today?

Meanwhile, it's good to remember, too, that there are people who need our prayers and thoughts and other help, after this storm.