More than just another website redesign

This one wasn't just any ordinary site redesign. The changes I rolled out 12:23am before going to bed last night include more than just swoopy lines and colorful squares. Regular readers might also notice I've reorganized the content in my navigation bar so that there are links on the left as well as the right side of the page! I want to promote jewelry designs - including upcoming shows - on the right, and other activities on the left. The most important of which is the area of my site that focuses on my website development projects that use the Squarespace platform. And I'm happy to announce that several of the sample sites you'll find there are brand new. I've had fun working with folks on a number of recent projects. Maybe I'll tell you more about those collaborations and resulting sites, soon.

Speaking of Squarespace, it's the now-month-old Version 5 that allows users to present their page content in 3 column formats if we like. That was never an option before. I'd never necessarily thought I'd go this route, but suddenly it was clear: 3 columns will be the perfect way for me to separate information about the two main areas of my career. 

Of course, except for the changes to my blog written about over here, and the resulting new additions in the drop-down "blog archive" menu, the new horizontal navigation bar above was added a couple of weeks ago

Stay tuned. I'm thinking there are even more ways I can improve upon my site, and that's a major focus for me lately. Until then, hope you like the changes!