Monday: a perfect day for a 3 hour drive

My view on a drizzly dayNearly every time I've mentioned my trip back to WV, since I left there, I'd say "Sunday...probably, maybe Monday." Did I cut myself too much slack, or did some wiser, buried part of me realize that I wouldn't be quite ready to leave today? Never mind. I'm going tomorrow. Today is so not going to happen.

First, the idea that "just shooting a few hundred photos" would be a cake walk was just stupid. I mean, it was great fun, without a doubt. But I always forget that being "on" for that many hours could be taxing on my body. Therefore last night when I was headed to meet a friend for coffee I was really dragging. Then another friend I hadn't seen in months before yesterday called and we talked until 2. Therefore, when I woke this morning - the first two times - I just let myself go back to sleep.

Now, well into Sunday afternoon, I discover that the list of things I need to do multiplied while I slept. Heh. While I've accomplished a few necessary tasks in the last couple of hours, the idea of pushing myself to leave today just seems ludicrous.

According to the weather report I hunted down, I'm likely to hit some rain on the way. But I got a lot of practice driving southern, east-coast highways in the rain during recent weeks and if I can manage those deluges, tomorrow will be gravy.

Then? Finally. I. Will. Be. In. West. Virginia. For. More. Than. Two. Nights. In. A. Row. I have a little trepidation. More than I expected when I conceived this idea. But less than last week.

Stay Tuned. In coming blog posts I think I'll do a listing exercise or two. Along the lines of (1) Why I Think It's Way Cool I Get to Escape My Life And Hide Out In West Virginia, and (2) Reasons It's Possible I'm Out Of My Everloving Mind To Do This. Then we can keep tabs and see which list grows and which one diminishes over the coming weeks.

For now I've got laundry and errand running to deal with. Then? I'm off! Catch you on the other end of this 3 hour drive!