Merchandise printed with my digital artwork. Leggings, phone cases, kimonos, mugs and more.

Did you ever work on something so long that when it was ready to share you didn't actually believe it? I ask because that's where I am today. At long last, I'm excited to show you my latest creative exploration. Available because of the "Print on Demand" industry, we are now able to design anything from yoga leggings to coffee mugs, kimono wraps to iPhone cases, bodycon dresses to throw pillows. And now I do this. I'm marketing the items under the name "Printed Muserie" and you can read more about what that means over here.

If we've talked in recent weeks, you might have heard me go on and on about "the leggings" because, to be honest, designing those has been some of the most fun I've had in the history of my creative life. But there's much more to it than leggings.

Because there are necessarily several different links, and pages that come at this project from a number of different angles, I've worked to organize the content as efficiently as possible. Chances are there's much more work to be done, to make this as tidy as possible. But hopefully you'll be able to find your way around without too much trouble. My hope is that you also have some fun if you click through any of these pages. Please know that all you see here reflects hours of fun and curious exploration, learning and trial-and-erroring, starts and restarts, and ultimately, a mountain of possibilities.

The two companies I'm working with most right now are Art of Where and Society6. Art of Where prints my designs on fabric, cuts and sews the clothing, and sells it to you. Society6 contracts with manufacturers of all kinds to print my work on a random array of goods... and sells it to you. That's the short-and-sweet of it all. My FAQ page is here.

Because it took so much work to pull this together and I'm only announcing this publicly now, there are literally just days of shopping left, should you want to buy any of these things to give as Christmas gifts. Please do know that. I'm sorry. But the baby couldn't be born until the baby could be born. Orders must be placed by the 9th of December, (just revised today!) for Art of Where (leggings, kimono wraps!) and by the 14th, for Society6 (laptop sleeves, wall tapestries, stationery cards.) But to be clear: this is not a holiday shop. This is a new avenue for my creative expression and there will be much more to come in the approaching year. So please consider me for your gift giving, but do come back for yourself after the frenzy dies down and get something nice for yourself!

A Tiny Mountain of Links for You

Disclaimer and Reminder, With Final Notes of Gratitude

You will almost certainly find some messes. You may click on a "category" (Society6 shop is a great example) and find that I once set it up when I had no idea what I was doing, and haven't yet removed it. You may also click a link and wonder what in the world I was thinking when I made that particular design. They're fair questions, of course. But if a creative person always compared herself to those much better at something, she might never put anything out into the world. It was time. It had to be done. We're all of us getting better every day and this project has taught me that again and again. The value of just jumping in and giving something a go.

If you see a broken link or something doesn't make sense, please kindly (and gently) let me know.
I'm continuing to tweak and improve and your help will be so welcome.

Remember (yes, I mentioned this before,) that if you do see something you like and want to gift it to another for Christmas, the cutoff dates will be here in a hot minute. In fact, Art of Where emailed While I Was Writing This Blog Post to announce an earlier cutoff date because demand had been so high, for their products. DECEMBER 9 is this Friday. That's the deadline for orders for leggings and kimono wraps, if you're going to give this to another. (December 14 for Society6!) But I'm not closing down my shop after the holidays! This endeavor has literally been months in the making, and I'm only getting started.

Thank you to My One Great Love for being so patient and supportive with this and all the other kooky, harebrained ideas I come up with on any given day. I'm sorry it took so long to get this thing off the ground. I love you more than I can say. And to my friends who took a look and weighed in with critiques and suggestions and oohs and aahs and encouraged me to keep going: I love you too. More than you, too, will ever know.

Now... about those jewelry designs I put on hold. Hmmm!