Meet Mia: my hiking buddy

Mia joined us for our first hike. I was the lucky person she deemed worthy of her attention and love for the day, and so here is the photo that reflects one of my favorite parts of the hike. In another blog post when there's more time to tell you about not only the amazing parts of the hike but, too, the unfortunate part, too, about how I had to sit down and deal with a tiny little (okay, massive, actually) low blood sugar-related dizziness (which was totally my fault and you can tell me all about how it's my fault, later on.) But for now, I thought I'd tell you about how Mia wanted to show me how cool it was to slide from the top of the next crest I was about to climb, in the leaves, on her belly, down to where I sat. She did this three times in a row and it's clear from the look on her face that she's having as much fun as one should have when sliding in wet leaves over a muddy hill... on one's belly.

Mia's going with me on all my future hikes. She's my WV neighbor's dog and the most agreeable soul I've met in a long, long time. Which won't surprise you one bit, now that you've seen her face.