Maybe I should use the power of the web and just ask if my readers have an old truck for sale!

The original title for this post was: "If I'd already set up, this is the post that would appear there today."

It's my first morning back in "my little basement" and as I nurse my now-cold coffee, I'm grinning and relaxed. While I was away, a couple of changes occurred here that have have affected my surroundings significantly:

  1. J "sold the basement" in a yardsale. Therefore, there's no longer a sofa and there's also not a bed. The bar-chairs are also gone. But the remaining memory foam topper was remarkably comfy on top of my new inflatable mattress, last night.
  2. A robbery reduced the number of sizable flat screen TVs in the home, including the one down here.

Still? I couldn't be happier. In fact, it almost feels better this way. Since I'll be on a Tuesday flight leaving at 12:30 to go visit my 90 year old Granddaddy (and other incidental, lovely relatives,) until Saturday, and have been hard at work trying to also figure out how to spend September in Seattle, it's better knowing my favorite digs aren't really suitable to most other people's living preferences. This way, there's no guilt over the possibility I'm holding my friends back from renting their basement to someone else during my frequent absences. Chances are they wouldn't, all things considered.

Meanwhile I came shockingly close to buying a 1982 Chevy Silverado for $1000 yesterday. (One that looks an awful lot like the 1985 one in this photo I stole without permission from this page.) Yes. You read that right. I've been saying for ages that I think it would be cool to drive an old pickup truck one day. As hinted in the above photo, my little Toyota, which will turn 20 in September, may have just taken me on my last highway jaunt. The jury's still out, as my car is still in Concord, NC, where I am not. Deciding not to drag my feet, I called to set up a look at the fabulous old truck I found on Craigslist that kind of reminds me of childhood rides with my Granddaddy.

So when somebody else bought this truck before I got to check it out, it seemed maybe I should put the brakes on rushing into this kind of decision and plan, instead, to revisit the New Old Vehicle Acquisition Process again after I've returned next weekend. It would have been fun to buy that truck, but I'm betting there's an even better one that will present itself just when the time is right!

Tomorrow I'll meet with 3 people for website design related purposes, and then I'll be on that plane the next day.

Until then, well, I'm back in Greensboro for the first time in 5+ weeks. Unless I get a seriously Too Good To Pass Up offer? I'll be hiding out in my basement for the day. A day of endless creative possibilities. Likely including a bit of writing time before I forget some of the great stories I've been collecting for my "Other People's Spaces" book. (And perhaps some invoicing duties, too, since you never know when you might need to buy a truck.)