Mandala coloring pages as 2014 becomes 2015: the gift of creative, simple pleasures

Santa was very, very good to me this year. I live a Beyond Blessed kind of life and that was never more true during this holiday season. Still, it's this little gift I gave myself that has gotten a little extra attention during the last days of 2014, and as I move into 2015. Along with gifts for family and friends, I ordered a copy of the Mystical Mandala Coloring Book, my first-ever such purchase not geared exclusively toward children. I was excited when I placed the order, and excited as I flipped through the pages, too. When is the last time you let yourself color in your very own coloring book? I couldn't remember either. Until now, mandalas were always freehand, along the lines of the one I shared in this 2009 blog post. Using a pre-drawn image takes all kinds of pressure away from having to decide what shapes and lines to follow. I'm discovering a brand new kind of freedom as I consider the word "mandala". I'm even thinking about buying more copies so I can try different color schemes with some of the drawings inside!

It seems that a consistent part of my Master Life Rhythms is this ebb-and-flow, push-and-pull, advance-and-retreat relationship with my own creative expression. In spite of acknowledging the value of creativity in my days, it's easy to get caught up in the minutia of living. Client work, laundry, dishes... these tasks will fill our days all the way up... if we let them.

The last week of the year, one of my consistent favorites, always brings yet another reminder that creative expression is more than valuable to my satisfaction. It's vital.

So while not yielding masterpieces or income-generators, I'm thrilled that this little gift to myself has not failed to please. Remembering the simple joy of sitting with colored pencils and a black-lined-page waiting for me to choose which of those line-based-shapes is filled with which color inexplicably fills me with delight.

Just as it was when we were children. Remember?

I don't have a Master Word with which to declare a 2015 Theme. The word for 2014 (declared overused by one close friend,) was "Epic" and I certainly chose that one correctly. But this year, no single word seems to work as I contemplate the year ahead. I also don't have a new list of goals. I know my goals already and I know the ways in which my life is working to improve itself and I am attempting to be more peaceful, joyful, generous, grateful, successful, aware, contributory (never used that one before; what a fine word that is!) as the weeks fly by. 2015 will be a continuation of that and it's nice to recognize this as I greet the new year.

Simple Pleasures, though? I'm very much enjoying the value of acknowledging those as this year welcomes me. I've read more than a half a novel during the past 48 hours (another thing I haven't done nearly enough of this past year and which is giving me immeasurable pleasure,) and I'm nearly finished coloring my second Mystical Mandala page. The ways in which these activities please me are significant enough that I wanted to share them with you.

My wish for you is that you make time to do more of the things that give you pleasure in the year that awaits.
— Melody Watson

And my wish for you in 2015?

Massive amounts of Love & Light to you and yours as we embark upon the gift of yet another year...