Malcolm Gladwell, grasshoppers, teal & phantom doorbells

It's Wednesday night and I'm working again. Good thing, too, since I had to run some non-work-related errands this morning. There's nothing particularly interesting about my evening, but I'm going to blog about it anyway. It's what I do.

But no story. Just snippets:

  • I'm fairly confident that I could listen to Malcolm Gladwell speak for hours on end. Pity I haven't stumbled across hours-long recordings of his talks. Here and there I find them, though. Stumble across them, actually. I haven't been out looking. Not at all. Here's what I'm listening to while I work.
  • There's a baby grasshopper in my bathroom and I can't figure out how he got there.
  • The project I'm working on this evening is a very simple web page for someone who neither knows nor cares what the final project looks like. Really. For the first time, ever, I truly believe my client when she tells me, "I don't care what you do." People simply ask her, every time she gives out her buiness card, whether she has a website or not. She doesn't. But I'm setting up a very simple page for her now. You'd think I would be designing something wacky and cool and going all out. After all, it's up to me, right? But no. I'm thinking "keep it simple stupid," is the way to go for someone who's ambivalent, at best, toward the idea of actually putting herself online.
  • I'm working with teal right now. Teal and white. Gonna' use a bit of burgandy for the next sample. I think she'll prefer the teal, and I can't tell you why that is, either. Although perhaps I merely think that because I haven't seen the burgandy work yet. Prolly.
  • I think my doorbell rings itself. But I don't know why. And there doesn't seem to be a pattern as to when this happens. It happened a few minutes ago. Bit disconcerting.

That's all. Back to work, then? Cheers!