Loving technology & friends who don't take themselves too seriously

From a recent text message exchange with my friend, Katie, who lives in the house of the basement apartment I rent:

Me: Yes. Finally it's come to this. I'm texting instead of bringing my a$$ upstairs. (In my defense I have cramps and am cranky. And I know I'll forget to ask.) It's not urgent though. Okay, enough preamble!!! Do you have any cumin? Thank you. That will be all.

Katie: You're 2 funny! Yes, I have cumin. :)

Me: Oh good. I think I'd like to use it tonight. ;)

Katie: This is what it looks like :)

Me: You are my very most favorite in the world. Plus I kinda like cumin too.

Katie: Yea Me!!!

She sent me a picture of cumin! Which is thrillingly funny and just what I would have done. I always knew I liked Katie but her sense of humor and general attitude toward the world is familiar to me, and very, very agreeable; I like her that much more these days. (Or: she's very patient with my neuroses and that makes life so much easier.) It's so cool to be around people who don't take everything too seriously.

PS: The meal I used the cumin for turned out to be wonderfully delicious. So you know.