Loving Karen Rutherford's newly redesigned website

When Indianapolis-based freelance writer, Karen Rutherford, first emailed me to inquire about what might be involved in her having me redesign her website, I immediately followed the link she'd provided in her email and checked out her existing site to see what it was all about. Because I'm nosey like that. Right away I got caught up in her writing, found myself laughing aloud more than once, and thought, "I really hope she will want me to do this. I'd like to work with her."

Turns out she did want me to, and I very much liked working with her. We were on the same page, all along the way. Not that everything I suggested was a good fit. Not that she loved all my ideas. In fact, at first I provided her with some design samples that just didn't work, at all. But the collaborative spirit of this redesign was on the mark, every step of the way. And one morning, I literally woke up with the idea of her new site's banner playing in my head. I ran to my computer and emailed her, half asleep. "Sit tight before you spend too much time looking at the ideas I sent you last night. I have to try something else. I'll email you again in a little while." That's one instinct I'm definitely glad I followed.

Karen wasn't looking for a bleeding edge design. (Which works out nicely, because that's not what I do.) What she did want was to take her site to the next level. She's used a standard Squarespace template for several years, and while it was actually quite nice, she was ready to have something designed with her in mind. Something distinctive. 

We rolled out her distinctive new site tonight. If you get a chance, pop over and take a look. I'd love to hear what you think!