Lookin' to get away? Here's your island...and your man!

After losing a honkin' pile of cash years ago, David Glasheen leased a third of an Australian island (the other part of which is a national park,) and left the bustle behind. That was 12 years ago.

Aside from the occasional tourist or yacht, he doesn't get a lot of visitors. Which makes for lonely living. So he's decided to look for his partner online. The woman he's looking for - his "Girl Friday," as he puts it - can't be into shopping or neighbors. Or maybe hot baths, based on the complaint of the partner who started out with him on the island in the first place. If you're not so much into social niceties, this could be just what you've been waiting for!

Think Castaway with a twist... he chose to be there!

I say good for him. And maybe he will find his lady love online, too. I'm thinking all the publicity he seems to be getting won't hurt - he can't find her if she doesn't know, right?

Good luck, Mr. Glasheen!

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