Long way down; shared my nostalgia

Toddler looking over a steel blue bridge; mom holds on.When I came back to this WV house for this month's hideaway, I did the caravan thing with some friends who wanted to visit this area for a bit, and do some hiking. May I say, sometimes having a travel companion is way more fun than not? It's been since March and it was a nice twist.

When we took a little walk on Monday, it was fun to show them "our" little bridge. Watching the little ones experience it for the first time took me back. They did the same things all children on that bridge are absolutely compelled to do, like throw handsful of the tiny gravel into the river below. Which renders a very specific sound I'd long forgotten.

Lotta' memories involving that bridge. Like the time when I was 7 or maybe 9 - really who knows? I just know I was really quite young - and I trailed my hand into a honkin' pile of bees that chased me further than I'd ever run by then, much faster than I'd ever run. It was the only time before or since that I ever outran bees and won.

Fortunately no bees on Monday. Although remaining evidence suggests some things may never change.

Empty hornets nest left under the edge of a blue steel bridge