Llama Lu Lu uses Squarespace for her blog. She's 8 & already has fabulous taste. (Not to mention her co-blogger, Lisa...her mom.)

Okay, fine. Maybe Stretch Armstrong isn't on the market anymore. Or Cabbage Patch Dolls. Kids today are missing them too. On the other hand, the little girl I was back then would have loved to get her hands on a blog. Can you imagine?

Tarah Rosendahl is blogging now. She's eight. Her blog is called "llama lu lu writes" and it's one of two blogs on the website Raising Tarah. Her mom, Lisa, is the other blogger there. What started out as a space for Lisa to write about things that didn't seem quite right for her other site, lisarosendahl.com, largely focused on industry-related matters in her field of Human Resources, Lisa hired me to help design a site that would reflect the project she'd decided to undertake with Tarah. Sure, it started out her site, but it wasn't long before Tarah decided she needed to have a part of the action. And when it became their site, the process grew a bit beyond what Lisa had initially envisioned. Collaboration with her daughter meant that Tarah also got to weigh in on design decisions. Great idea! Until it wasn't. From an email I received around the time we started to lock down the design: "I like it a lot and so does Tarah. I think it was a good move for me to take her out of the front end decisions - she isn't even missing the design she just had to have :)"

And now that it's all finished and public, I've rediscovered something. Blogs written by children are quite a bit different from those penned by their adult counterparts. Children are way, way more creative than most of the adults I know. Tarah's now written to explain where "llama lu lu" came from. I was seriously keen to know. I knew it was a nickname and that it was somehow assigned to her at daycare. How? I had no idea.

Seems the children in her club have created an entire world. Called "Bubble World" of course. Here's a sliver:

So Kayla's the President and her name is Banana Moo. I'm her son who wishes to be a girl named Llama Bob, who has a wife named Llama Lu Lu and four kids - Llama Leonardo, Llama Leana, Llama Larry, and Llama Locksy. And then Lexi is the mayor, Sloth Woman and she has a husband, Sloth Man, and a child, Little Sloth. Amber is Bluey and has a wife. Butterfly, and a child named Blueberry. And Ari is just kind of a bubble person. I don't know how to describe her. She's more like the trouble maker in Bubble World. And Anya is a chipmunk who's name is chippy. And instead of how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood, we have how much chips could Chippy chip if Chippy could chip chips!

So Bubble World has taxes and job opportunities and this is how...

Oh, you just have to read the whole thing for yourself. It's too good! Welcome to Bubble World!

Here's what I learned today: any time I'm feeling creatively blocked, I just have to get myself into the company of children. Of course I knew this. I just forgot. It's good to remember...