Little surprise with an experiment with sugar

Let's say, for the sake of personal entertainment, that you decide to do a little experiment with your eating habits. In this hypothetical experiment, you all but remove sugar from your diet. And by "all but" I'm not just talking candy bars, cookies, cake, pie, ice cream, sodas, pastries, pop tarts, fruit juice, and honey. By this I mean the sugars you might not have been quite so aware of. For example you discover that a cup of unsweetened almond milk has no sugar whereas a cup of skim milk has 12 grams. And so you start using the almond milk in your (ahem, low-sugar) breakfast cereal!

Yea, it's that kind of experiment.

Well, in conducting such an experiment myself, I hoped to drop a few pounds. Or, if the truth be known, I'm considering the possibility that over the long-run, it might help me drop more than a few. But let's not worry about that right now. That's a conversation for another time.

Wanna' know what I discovered? Last night, in the midst of one of those Will Not Be Ignored cravings, I remembered that I had a bag of Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate Chips in the freezer, for just such times as those. The most thrilling thing about these little morstles? They don't taste sugar free. Seriously. So I poured a few in a little sauce bowl. Then I poured a few more. Tee hee. Maybe 1/4 cup, maybe a bit less. And I put in my movie, and I ate every last one of them. Y U U M!!!


The yum got to be a little bit too much. Sure, I ate 'em all.  I mean, it's a little bowl of chocolate right there in my hands, already retrieved for my delectable indulgence. What was I gonna' do? Go put 'em back? Yea. Right.

But it really was just too much sweet. Way too much, in fact. I could have stopped long before I got to the halfway mark, if I'd had a bit more control. Okay, fine, a lot more control. But the overly-sweet sensation stayed with me for a while. And I'm pretty sure I'll remember it later, too, when I have a craving. Which I'm confident will let me choose a smaller portion.

Meanwhile, today, I decided I needed some sugar. And so I prepared myself a little bowl and filled it with the wedges from 1/2 a big, pink grapefruit. And? This is one of the yummiest things I do believe I've ever tasted!

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!