Little love affair with other people's boats

Photoshop altered nighttime photo of boats in a Seattle marina

Nearly as exiting as reaching my goal of shooting more than 10,000 photos during this trip - with days to spare - is exploring them, after the fact.

Although there were no plans for actual boat trips while out here, it was high on my priority list to at least shoot photos of boats. Now that I've hopefully convinced my friend who'd been planning to take me to One More Amazing Must See Location, that maybe we should just stay here in town and put that particular destination on the top of the Next Time I'm Out Here Itinerary, I'm wondering if I might make it to one more marina before I go. Hmmm! Never mind... even if I don't, I'm having a blast altering some of the shots I've taken. Here's my current favorite of the moment. Kinda' thinking that might look nice on a greeting card... yea?