Little lost week with lots of smiles, in spite of itself

When you're a regular blogger and you go this long without actually writing in said blog, things happen to you. Twitches and urges and nervous senses that Something Is Very Wrong In The World. And we're not talking about the hacking cough that's plagued you for days, either. That was a long blogging break. Couldn't be helped, though...

I can't actually remember the last time I slept for 17 hours within a 24 hour period, but now? That would be Monday/Tuesday of this very week. Dude...

So as my title suggests, in spite of the fact that I lost nearly an entire week of work Because It's Hard To Design Websites When You Can't Hold Your Head Upright, there were some cool things about this week, too. And I'm gonna' tell you about 'em now!

  • Chicken noodle soup in a can? It now comes with a pop top! Somebody loves me. How handy it was not to have to maneuver a can opener.
  • Random Buy One Get One Free medicines at Walgreens. Oh yea...
  • My parents came to see me. Twice. And brought me a pretty rose in a vase after stopping at the aforementioned pharmacy to pick up the aforementioned pharmaceuticals on their way into town to help celebrate the 3rd Birthday of He Who Got The Very Special Gift From Auntie Of Not Giving  Him The Flu For His Birthday.
  • The aforementioned child was said to have said to someone, "You know... my friend Mimi!" Or some such. I am Mimi.
  • His actual birthday isn't here yet so I don't feel quite so horrid about missing it. Although it did kind of suck that I didn't get to go to Chuck E Cheese OR The Inside Park. (Okay, I lie. I love the kid. I love hanging out with him. Small doses of those places, though, are best. S m a l l  doses.)
  • Some lovely phone calls (during which the people on the other end invariably told me how horrible I sounded.) The nicer ones told me they wish they could be here to take care of me (thank you kindly!) and the not so nice ones who said I should hurry up and get better so I could buy them lunch should keep an eye out for the karma truck.
  • Lovely "checkin' on you" emails. Thanks, ya'll.
  • My clients didn't fire me. (At least I don't think so. Haven't heard from one, but I think she's just busy with a squillion different things like I am.)
  • Emails from a couple of potential new ones, too! (Google still loves me even when I'm sick.)
  • You know how they say you should take more time to stop and smell the roses? Stay inside for a week. There's nothing like how great everything looks, feels, smells, sounds when you finally go, even, to the supermarket! Today when I went to get the 6 things on my list, I just went up and down all the aisles, smiling at everybody, so happy to just see people!
  • Hulu!

Turnin' over new leaves. Evidence suggests I've got a tiny little problem. This thing my dad's been talking about since I was in high school. I can hear his voice saying it, now, "Melody pushes herself until she literally just drops." Unfortunately the "dropping" to which he's referring has gotten more and more severe over the years. Which I remembered after I hung up with the client at 9:58 tonight. So yea, I'm going to stop working now. Going to bed. Going to sleep as late as I want to in the morning. Actually, truth be told, I'm dreading the night. Did you ever notice how the coughing seems to get worse when you're lying down? Or is that just me? At least I'm now armed with a whole half bag of Ricola Menthol Cough Suppressant Throat Drops. Little things, people. We're giving thanks, even for the small stuff.

Oh. Now here's my question: do you think one's head will explode if they happen to drop a little Airborne tablet in with the Alka Seltzer cold formula? I mean, I know we're supposed to hydrate excessively when sick, but that's just a lot of fizzy drinks to keep up with...