Latest Squarespace site launch: Artist Tracey J. Marshall's redesign

Screen shot of Greensboro artist, Tracey J. Marshall's newly redesigned website hosted on Squarespace.
Screen shot of Greensboro artist, Tracey J. Marshall's newly redesigned website hosted on Squarespace.

There is no question that Tracey Marshall knows art. When she decided she wanted to have her website hosted through Squarespace so she could eventually learn to make her own regular updates, she started talking to me. Wanting a complete site facelift for the new year, in addition to more flexibility to update, she'd gotten excited about the possibilities this platform offers - particularly to artists and other creative types who need to manage multiple online portfolios of their work.

If anybody has multiple online galleries, it would be Tracey J. Marshall. This woman has painted more canvases than I can even comprehend. I know this now, because as we worked together over the past few months to pull her body of work together for the web, I had the pleasure of sorting through a staggering collection of images and trying to keep them organized while we made them ready for your viewing pleasure. We still have a lot of work ahead of us - a site this size will always be a work in progress - but we made a tremendous start. If you're into fun, colorful paintings, you should check it out, too. Then bookmark it because you won't want to miss the coming updates, either.

It's been fun to turn the tables a little with this client who has also become a closer friend throughout our collaboration. Years ago when I was creating clay tile and copper wall art, I took my "babies" to The Marshall Gallery - then located in downtown Greensboro. Tracey greeted and welcomed me graciously, spoke candidly about how the process would work, took all three, soon sold them, then asked for more. Only I had, by then, moved on to something different. Our paths crossed off and on over the years, and nearly a year ago, we reconnected once more when we both set up studios at The Greensboro School of Creativity. Just one more example of how life brings us full circle. And FYI: Hers is a real art studio. Big and open and filled with color and canvas and little busy messes and people and laughter. Mine is tiny and quiet and underused, and still not really even really set up completely. That's got to change soon, though. I'm too inspired to keep wasting that lovely little space.

But this is about Tracey's studio. And her fun, accessible art. If you're looking for something special for your home or business, she offers paintings suitable for residential and commercial spaces. She does private consultations and commissions, and for those who are interested in trying their hand at art, not only does she teach painting classes for children and adults, but she also hosts "Ladies' Night Out" sessions where you and your girlfriends (or some neat women you just met!) can come together and follow her guidance as you paint a canvas with a specific theme. With affordable prints and note cards to round off her offerings, there's a lot to discover at I hope you'll check it out! And if you like what you see, bookmark her site! Because we have some fun things in store for you, as the new year unfolds.