Large pupils, new websites & hugs from tiny arms

There is very little more strange than the sensation of having one's eyes dilated. I say this as the voice of experience as this is what I decided to do this afternoon. Quite literally, in the middle of Far Too Many Items On A Single To Do List, I remembered this and said to myself,"Self, you STILL have not gone in to have your eyes dilated like you were told to do weeks and weeks ago, and one day very soon you are going to find yourself once more in West Virginia far, far from She Who Recommended You Have Your Eyes Dilated in the first place. Not to mention when you go in to have this odd procedure performed, you can also pick up some new contact lenses so you'll not only be able to enjoy the sensation of having fresh lenses in your eyes, but you'll also have a backup plan in the event that you ever lose a lens like last time you were Far From Life As You Know It." After which time I drove across town and sat in a chair where a tiny lady put funky drops in my eyes which made me feel really weird, as promised.

Stay tuned for the next edition in which I'll tell you the story of how Friend And Client woke up to discover that some unsavory character has hacked her business websites and because she had not yet caved in the face of my nagging gentle and caring suggestions that she move her sites over to The Wonderful And Glorious Squarespace, not only did this unthinkable thing happen, but also? When she called the hosting provider's customer service office, they were all, "Dude, we don't have enough resources to care about your problem... you're kind of on your own." And so I'm reworking some of this week's Previously Scheduled Programming, including that drive back to WV, and instead, rebuilding her existing sites on the Squarespace platform, in record time.

But that's a blog for next time. For now, I'd probably better figure out just how comfortable I am getting back on the highway and driving to The Sultan Of Cool's house where I am almost certain to get me some Three Year Old Luvin. He's gotten all kissy-cuddly with me, now that I'm back in town.