Kendra's quesadilla and some business talk

Earlier today I watched Kendra Adachi's video in which she teaches people how to prepare a quesadilla. (And you might want to watch it too. I'm just sayin...)

Then I kept thinking about quesadillas. It's a simple video, and that's probably why I loved it so much. She's so straightforward and approachable. I'm seriously confident in the kitchen, but know so many people who are not. Kendra's style just takes away so much of what people seem to find intimidating about the kitchen. Plus she reminded me of something I hadn't thought about in a long time!

Kendra teaches cooking classes and I've never taken any of them. Not yet, that is. But soon, I'm pretty sure.

So after watching the video, I went to meet a new client. Had a good talk, made a good plan, then came home through not-so-good drizzly, cold air. Back to work for a while before a friend was to arrive for some business talk, I realized I couldn't have a friend over - whether for business or pleasure - and not offer dinner. Eek. The kind of food I have around here these days is perfect for me, but not necessarily Entertainment Food. I mean, sure, it's healthy. But I'm not into imposing my culinary or dietary whims on the people I care about, y'know? Mostly I'm not. (This is where you imagine my evil grin.)

Then I remembered Kendra's video. Hmmmm! I have some tortillas! I have some cheese! And a grater...and yummy spices. Ta da! So my friend and I split one of these, with some salsa I miraculously discovered in the pantry, and it made everything better.

Thanks Kendra! You saved the day...

Oooh! Guess what I just found? Her YouTube channel! MORE videos of Kendra teaching us stuff in the kitchen! Go see for yourself... And don't forget to check out her site, My First Kitchen dot net.