Just for fun: Design ideas for your home, at Spectacular Spaces

When Wrenda Goodwyn and I worked together to redesign Spectacular Spaces, her interior design website, I kept wishing she lived closer. Or that I lived in southwest Florida. Then we could drive to funky, cool, off-the-beaten-path shops and markets and buy glorious furniture and accessories that would transform my home into a decorated dreamhouse.

That's because Wrenda's eye for detail and ability to locate surprising finds for her clients is stellar. It's also because she's incredibly warm and approachable. In that "how can I be so comfortable talking to someone I just heard about yesterday?" way. Sometimes your clients are destined to become your friends.

So, okay, never mind that mine is the kind of quazi-nomadic, minimalistic lifestyle that would also stand in my way of hiring Spectacular Spaces to give my home a facelift. None of that matters! You don't have to be in Florida to experience Wrenda's fine taste and eye for detail. You can benefit from her experience and wisdom just by visiting her blog.

The Spectacular Spaces Blog offers:

  • Design inspirations.
  • Fresh approaches.
  • Imaginative solutions.
  • Renewed spaces.
  • Beautiful finds.
  • Tips you can use...
  • And more!

Plus, did I mention the pretty pictures? We love the pretty pictures!

Of course, if you ARE in Florida - specifically the Fort Myers or Bonita Springs areas - and you need someone to give your home a fresh look, while keeping your budget in mind, may I recommend Spectacular Spaces? It's true, we haven't redecorated a home together. But if, after having collaborated together over a year ago, I still get this kind of warm-fuzzy feeling when I see Wrenda's name in my email inbox, that's something, right? She's great to work with.

Take a peek at her site and maybe you'll find something useful, too. No matter where you live.