Jorge Cruise site hosted by Squarespace: most excellent discovery

Screen capture of Jorge Cruise's home pageAre you familiar with Jorge Cruise? Because I've been spending rather a lot of time on his website, lately, it occurred to me that I should blog about why. He's the guy who wrote the exercise book for busy people, 8 Minutes in the Morning, (among many others) which I discovered a few years ago while house sitting for my friend Dena Harris, whose time in the Chicago Marathon qualified her for Boston, a couple of weeks ago.

After learning last week that people like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Oz are giving hat tips to Jorge Cruise's latest book, The Belly Fat Cure, out December 29 of this year, I started reading what he had to say about weight loss. That it doesn't follow conventional wisdom - he declares that counting calories is not the way to go, after all - doesn't bother me that much. That it makes intuitive sense where questions about balancing insulin levels is concerned, does, however, carry a lot of weight with me. Diabetes is a very familiar word in my family tree. Something about having turned 40 at the beginning of this year brought the question of what "becoming healthy" really means, to the front of my mind. Of course you can see that it's now October, and I took my sweet time, but I've decided that doesn't matter nearly as much as it matters that I've found this material now.

The point of this post wasn't necessarily to go on and on about my brand new way of eating, although I think some of my readers might resonate to this information. But I wanted to share something else, too. Last night while reading some of the comments readers had left on, something clicked for me. Something familiar, that comes from the countless hours I've spent with The Amazing Squarespace Platform. "Wait..." I thought to myself... "This looks like a Squarespace site!" Not at first glance, of course. At first glance it just looks like one of thousands of other professionally-designed, simple, easy-to-navigate sites we might stumble across on any day of the week. But I had to check and see. Heh. Sure enough: Jorge Cruise's website is hosted by Squarespace, people! I can't imagine this is any big secret - I've learned that many, many Much Bigger Than My Own sites, are hosted on my favorite content management system. Still, it reinforces the assertion that Squarespace is a solid, quality product, growing in all directions, and trusted by many. It's way, way more than a simple blogging platform.

Jorge Cruise's before & after photosHappy discoveries all around, I'd say! Also? In case anybody should be peeking around at his site and find themself poo poohing the assertions of a guy sporting washboard abs, looking all fresh and healthy, wondering "How does he know what I'm going through?" I thought I'd add the little treat of his before-and-after shots. These are available at flickr, where one of his sets features evidence of a lifelong struggle. Same as a lot of people I know.

Good stuff, no? Happy Saturday, y'all! I'd better get back to designing this website I've been working on. (Pssst! It's hosted on Squarespace!)

Oh! One more thing... Remember I was going on about Dena Harris, who initially introduced me to Jorge Cruise? She uses Squarespace too. :)